Alison is our fearless leader and all round great Scot! She worked in data collection for many years and her frustration with poor levels of quality, slow project turnaround times, outdated technologies and methodologies, wasted overheads, archaic procedures, high pricing, tardiness on quote delivery and lack of collaboration made her set out to make a difference. She knows Quant Research like the back of her hand and she’s always on hand to help our clients, day or night.

She’s a workaholic so the lines are very blurred between her work and life time!… but when she has any free time she loves a soak (in the bath or hot tub!), a large glass of wine and time to ponder on what she can do next to keep making a difference!

Loves: Chickens (live ones!)
Hates: Doing things ‘that way’ because that’s the way it’s always been done!
Often heard saying: ‘What can I help you with? What can you do for me?’

No. of years in research | 17
Previously worked at | Swift, Zebra Square
0113 397 9806 |