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We’re delighted to be finalists for the Best Data Collection (face-to-face) category at the MRS Operations Awards 2019.


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Easter at face facts


2019 Easter brings some egg-cellent news!

We are delighted to announce we have hatched two new Partners.

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We are delighted to add 4 new recruits to the Face Facts team!

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We are officially ISO 27001 Certified!!

Following an audit by the British Assessment Bureau, Face Facts have been awarded official ISO 27001:2013 certification.

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Look into how the rise of the online survey has change over the years and how it has shaped the way we do research today.




Say hello to our newest team member, Alice Moss

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Face Facts Five Facts of Easter

Did you know the worlds’ largest Easter egg was made by the Belgian chocolate producer, Guylian, in 2005.  The egg measured 8.3m high and took 26 craftsmen 525 hours to build.  A massive 1950kg of chocolate was used and the egg was displayed in the city of St. Niklass in Belgium

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Happy New Year!

We would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

After a much deserved Christmas break, the Face Facts team are back and ready to take on 2017. As is tradition in January, we’ve all made some very optimistic New Year’s resolutions which we fully intend to stick to… some may have a harder time than others!

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Merry Christmas from all at face facts

We hope everyone enjoys a relaxing time off this Christmas, with lots of family, food, and drink! During the build up to Christmas, we like to have some fun and games here at Face Facts. This year, along with our annual fuddle, we held a little trivia quiz, and found out some secrets about everyone here!

Here’s some facts you may not know about the team…


We are growing! 

We are delighted to add 2 new recruits to the Face Facts team!

Robbie will be joining the accounts team, focusing on qual and quant respectively. Joining the company in November, he has already become a vital support to our senior account managers.

Isha will be part of our newly founded field department, helping to manage our UK wide interviewing team. Having been here since June, she has greatly helped to shape the field department.

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Chloe is back!

Chloe returned from maternity leave earlier this year and we are delighted to have her back! 

The office was certainly a lot quieter without her, but now we are back to business as usual. Chloe is really happy to be back and would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all the well-wishes and congratulations.

Baby Mia is a regular visitor to the office and keeps us all smiling with her cheekiness and chatter. She certainly takes after her mother!

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Face Facts are pleased to be nominated for the MRS Operations Awards under the category of Best Data Collection (face-to-face). The winner will be revealed at the Operations Network Party on 17th September.

At the Operations Awards of 2014, Face Facts were finalists in the Best Field Force category. This year we are up against three other field agencies, but hopefully all our hard work will pay off.

The event will be sponsored by IFF Research, whose Managing Director, Mark Speed, stated: ‘it is clear today that as our industry continues to evolve, we will always need to have faith in such core operational elements and we will always need experienced, skilled and dedicated operations staff and departments’.

The award recognises the continuing importance of traditional data collection services, despite the rise of online data services.


Competition Winner

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our prize draw for the shopping research conducted in Newcastle is: Kathleen Thompson. 

The prize is a £300 loaded Metro shopping voucher, which can be used in the Metro Centre in Newcastle. 


Congratulations Kathleen!


Meet our new md!

Face Facts Research is pleased and excited to announce the appointment of former Client Services Director, Rachel Hoy, to Managing Director. Rachel joined Face Facts as Client Services Director a year ago, bringing with her a wealth of experience, having worked in the research industry for over twenty years.

Rachel started her career in client side roles before moving agency side as a full service researcher. She worked at Leeds based agency Optimisa (formerly Quaestor) for 14 years. During this time Rachel was promoted to director of ‘Quench!’; the fieldwork, data processing, and research services division of the business.

In more recent years she held the position of Research Director at Platypus Research where she became a client of Face Facts. She was so impressed with the team that she joined them, bringing her extensive knowledge and experience of client needs to the role of Client Services Director.

Rachel brings strong focus, discipline, and drive to the business; with her motivating leadership style and belief in the Face Facts brand, she is the right person to drive the company forward. On her new role within the company Rachel said, ‘I love the ethos of Face Facts – all the staff are always willing to go the extra mile; they are dynamic and driven with a never failing ‘can do’ attitude’.

With the support of the Directors, Julie Gaughan and Jo Hughes, Rachel and the team are looking forward to developing and strengthening their client base and continuing to deliver exceptional fieldwork services. 

christmas fundraiser

Last year was a great (and very busy) year for us so we wanted to have some fun over the Christmas period. However, we also wanted to ‘give a little back’ and share the love. So we decided to utilise our research flair and know-how to design a Christmas themed quiz in order to raise money for three charities that we care about here at Face Facts. The idea was that for each question answered correctly, we would donate to charity. We asked those who responded to choose which of the three charities they wished the money raised to go to.

The three charities we chose to fundraise for are: St Gemma’s Hospice, Candlelighters, and Hope Pastures. All three are Leeds based charities that support the local community.

St Gemma’s provides care for adults living with incurable illnesses and support for their families. Candlelighters provide services and support to children with cancer and their families. Hope Pastures is a stable that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses, ponies, and donkeys.

All of these organisations provide invaluable support to the local community and were carefully selected as they are in some way close to our hearts.

We had a great response and managed to raise £235 to donate to the chosen charities! We would like to thank everybody who, embracing the Christmas spirit, took part and helped us to support these organisations.

Christmas Party 2014.jpg

Christmas 2014

Our memories may be a little hazy after our staff night out, but clearly we had a very ‘merry’ Christmas party! This flattering group photo was taken just before we decided to drink and drive… don’t worry it was only dodgems! Unfortunately there are no pics of us hitting the dance floor as we have some very talented dancers on our team (well they seemed to think so anyway).

As you can imagine there were a few sore heads the morning after, but we also had a lot of laughs (and some embarrassment) watching the video and photo footage of the night!

We hope you all enjoy the festive season and we look forward to working with you in 2015!


it's our birthday!

Face Facts Research was established in 2010 by Alison White, who had worked in data collection across the whole of the UK for some 12 years. Frustrated by poor levels of quality, slow project turnaround times, outdated technology and methodologies, wasted overheads, archaic procedures, high pricing, tardiness on quote delivery and an unwillingness to collaborate she set out to make a difference.

The physical data collection is at the core of any research project and in the wrong hands a project is rendered worthless. Quality is at the core of Face Facts; nothing goes out the door without being rigorously checked, double and triple. We take pride in what we do.

 So now 4 years on and we are able to provide any and every data collection/research method: 24 hour CATI unit, face to face (UK – in house, international – partnered), Online (optimised to any device), hall tests, postal, qual recruitment (UK – in house, international – partnered) and provide any software platform for quant or qual, e.g. online focus groups, bulletin boards, communities, mobile apps, mobile ethnography, quant dashboards, eye tracking, facial coding.

Next on our list is launching our exciting new tool kit… contact us to find out more, or watch this space.

 That pretty much sums it up. As you can see, we’ve spent the last four years innovating and experimenting to produce the best quality research. Because it’s our birthday month, we thought we’d take the time to look back on everything we’ve done and celebrate – we’ve achieved so much, and we plan to spend the next four years building on our solid foundations.


research club summer party - august 2014

Great view, sunny and bright, aromas of a delicious BBQ, buzz of conversation in the air, wine and beer flowing…these were our first impressions as we stepped out onto the Corinthian Roof Terrace for the Research Club London Summer Party.

Leaving a somewhat cool and wet Leeds behind Face Facts Research were happy to be soaking up the sun rays with a second to none view of the Kia Oval cricket grounds on one side, and wonderful views of London on the other.   Fitting in with the environment cricketing legends could be found mingling amongst the researcher crowd.

It was great to catch up with some old faces (not literally speaking of course!) and say hello to some new ones. But it wasn’t all about us, raising money for the Women and Girls cricket was on the agenda for the evening (come on ladies!) in the form of a raffle prize draw and auction.

As the evening became the night the roof top became the balcony as we ventured down to the bar on the floor below. Conversation was still thick in the air and FaceFacts were having such a great time we stayed until last rounds, as usual!

It’s safe to say Face Facts Research are definitely looking forward to the next event!