The Call Centre
With over 50 interviewers working in our virtual call centre we carry out a large amount of consumer, B2B and public sector work, both ad-hoc and tracking, nationally and internationally on projects for banks, councils, housing associations, medical (patient and professional), retail, the building trade, universities, and utility companies to name but a few. Basics aside... what gives us the edge? 

Quality | Comfort
Rightly or wrongly, the reputation of traditional call centres precedes them. Our staff love working from home – their comfort reflects in the quality. How do we assure quality? Calls are made through our internal dialling system which stores and records all calls and our CATI manager, Rodney, runs a tight ship - interviewers are trained and monitored as if they work in a static centre. 

Affordable | Savings passed to you
No building, flexibly staffed – less overheads for us which means a more affordable project for you. Simple!

Flexible | Any project, any size
Your project team here is seriously agile - with over 50 interviewers your needs are easily met.