case study

CATI - Customer Experience

The Challenge
One of our research agency clients came to us asking us to interview NHS patients as they wished to measure their experience. All of them had either been to A&E or had been inpatients/outpatients for a specific hospital trust.

The Solution
The client provided a database of patient records for us to telephone. We were of course aware of the sensitivity of this data and had all measures in place to ensure that it remained confidential.
Given the target audiences and the need to be able to compare experiences between different departments and hospitals a total of 3,300 interviews were targeted.
Our experienced team fully briefed the telephone interviewers, particularly on the need for sensitivity when speaking to respondents. As with all projects quality checks took place throughout the fieldwork period.

The Outcome
Important data was gathered on patient experiences and also feedback on how going forward the service could be improved. The findings were valuable and a year on we are conducting another 3,300 interviews which will enable the client to track the impact of any changes.