FACE-to-FACE - overall

Work with our pool of over 800 trained interviewers on any project you need. Whether you require on street, store exits, in home placements, hall tests, or even recruiting for online and offline groups and IDI’s: expect an agency well versed in the art of Face-to-Face. Why run your project with us?

Experience | Efficient and Reliable
Julie, one of our owners, has racked up some 28 years experience and built up a loyal and trusted supervisor and recruiter network. How does this benefit you? Expect a tightly run, well managed and delivered project throughout.

Reach | Anywhere, any size
With experience comes truly valuable connections. We provide you with a full team of equally experienced pro’s we trust to get the job done - and done well. Any scale, anywhere – expect a smooth project from start to finish. 

Interviewers | Personable and Professional
People are paramount in Face-to-Face, although that goes without saying. Having friendly, approachable interviewers, reflects well not only on us, but on you. A smile and a cool demeanour equals a better more efficient project.