data portal

Face Facts can deliver an online data portal to provide quick and easy access to survey results. 

Our Data portal can be easily set up for any project where we are capturing the data directly into our systems (e.g CATI, CAPI, face-to-face or online).  The data portal is searchable based on a categorisation of data e.g. method or location. You can also change the design of the portal, it can be easily tailored to match your branding including your logo.

During Fieldwork | Updates
We give you access to the ‘live’ results for key questions, enabling you to monitor key quotas or KPI’s (incl. seeing verbatim)

Reference Library | Data Display / Repository
Want to see historical data for projects that Face Facts have not run? No problem, supply us with the raw data and we can convert this and upload it to the data portal.

Access | Download
Custom login for multiple users and allows for permissions to be set to view specific data only. 
The portal is live 24/7 and view-able on all devices, PC, tablet, phone. All data within the portal can also be downloaded to Excel at the click of a button!