Our clients often want to capture respondents' thoughts of visiting an environment as soon as possible whilst the experience is still fresh so this means we may need to conduct an interview for example during or after a shopping trip, visiting an event, stand or a tourist attraction, etc.  Our fleet of iPads are ideal for this methodology as they give the invaluable ability to conduct surveys offline and sync the response back to us when they can gain Wi-Fi connection.  Our interviewers love this type of work and although it often throws up challenges, e.g. limited footfall, missing display stands, rain, etc. We love a challenge!

Real Time | Recall
A key benefit of speaking to respondents whilst they are having, or just after they have had an ‘experience‘ is that it is fresh in their minds and therefore details however small are readily recalled.

Interviewers | Approachable
People are paramount to face-to-face, and none more so than when we are trying to stop members of the public and ask them questions. Often no incentive (or a very small one) is available for this type of work so we need to ensure that respondents are willing to take part. Having well presented, appropriate, friendly, approachable interviewers helps with this.

Tailored Approach | Fit
Our accounts team have vast experience in face-to-face interviewing and work closely with clients to shape the research project. When standing in-store or at the store/venue exit we understand that it is key to be an extension of the brand and therefore select our team with care and ensure we portray an ‘on brand’ message.