We can well and truly call ourselves hall test experts! The beauty of a hall test is that you can test a respondent's reaction to stimulus or products in a neutral ’controlled’ environment. Whatever you want to test be it a new concept, product, food or drink and irrespective of whether you need to speak to the mass market or a needle in a haystack we have probably run a project like it.  We have carved ourselves a bit of a niche as a reliable, quality provider of large scale product testing via CLTs and our interviewers love us for it! 

Event Planning | Logistic
Running a large scale hall test is essentially like planning a big event – what does each location need from fridges, microwaves or kettles down to hair nets, aprons and table cloths! Does the room need to be screened off, how many stations are required and do we need Wi-Fi, etc. are all areas that need to be meticulously thought through and planned.  Effective logistical planning is at the heart of a successful hall test project.

Target | Recruitment
Hall tests aren’t cheap to run and therefore it is essential that the through flow of respondents each day is high enough to maximise the number of interviews that can be achieved each day.  With this in mind we always think carefully about the recruitment method that will work best for each individual project be it pre recruitment, off street recruitment or even a mix of the two! 

Technology | Reliable
We have CAPI kit in-house and when possible use tablets as they have the benefit of being able to work offline so never fall foul of dropping Wi-Fi!  However, we also have access to reliable Wi-Fi enabled venues or we can send out our mobile data hubs to act as a back up or a boost for when our clients want to use laptops. We are also always happy to use PAPI as a data collection method.