HUT’s/In-Home Product Tests

‘Natural Environment’ Product Testing

We absolutely love a home product test!  When respondents need to be able to trial a product in the natural environment for example, cleaning or consuming food as they normally would, then an in-home test is ideal.  We have experience of every type of data collection during an in-home test from feedback on app, diaries, to online surveys, self completion or interviewer administered we design the right fit for our clients objectives. 

In the Moment Feedback | Accurate
A key benefit of in-home placements is the ability to gain ‘in the moment’ real time feedback on product trial.  The use of paper diaries, apps, etc. enables respondents to record feedback and opinions during/just after product use rather than asking them to recall opinions, intricacies of product use that often fade into insignificance after time.

Control | Engagement
The one thing that is often scary about an in-home product test is the lack of control and the fact that you send the products out and then don’t always know if the respondents are conducting the test as we asked.  We have a number of tricks to counteract the ‘black hole’ and maintain engagement levels as much as possible - send us a brief and we’ll let you into our secrets!

Any Size | Experience
The beauty of in-home placements is that we scale the project to any size.  We provide you with a full team of equally experienced pro’s we trust to get the job done - and done well. Any scale, anywhere – expect a smooth project from start to finish.